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Facility Management

Facility Management

Facility Management identifies all the activities and operations inherent to the management of buildings and their facilities, from maintenance to cleaning, concierge and reception services, gardening, sanitation and waste management. It is therefore a range of integrated services that, outsourced to a specialized company, generate efficiency, time optimization and cost savings, as well as a higher degree of well-being for all the occupants of the building.

Today, our long experience in the sector makes us an excellent partner for the provision and delivery of integrated Global Service and Facility Management services. Our wide range of solutions caters for owners, holders and users of both public and private properties and is designed both to improve the use of buildings and infrastructure and to increase the quality of living for their occupants.

For Facility Managementoutsourcing, SIRUS is the solution: focus on your core business activities and delegate to our experts the management of integrated and complex services that require specific skills to guarantee the high quality levels your property deserves.

Here are the Facility Management services offered by SIRUS


Sirus provides its customers with a reliable cleaning and sanitation service for all types of environments. This service is carefully tailored to the needs of different facilities in order to increase the degree of healthiness and significantly reduce the risks of infection and contamination. It is delivered with the aid of high-performance machinery, products and technologies and with high-quality, prompt and detailed manual interventions.


Sirus offers dedicated personnel for the loading and unloading of goods and assisting with various in-house logistics activities, either manually or using special machinery. The handling of goods and materials is carried out with suitable means and only by a qualified team, and includes any labor services that requires furniture, archives, objects to be moved.


Our specialized team undertakes to manage and empty waste containers, implement prevention and any necessary pest control measures, and carry out verification and inspection activities. We are conscious of the importance of protecting both the environment and the spaces inhabited by people, we ensure an integrated waste management process from the collection stage to final disposal (or recycling), while optimizing the flows and internal logistics of residential, professional or industrial spaces.


Sirus is the benchmark for security and concierge services provided in all types of buildings, with the help of a specialized and competent team. Our concierge and reception service is particularly suitable for the constant and continuous guarding of all types of facilities, including those used for logistics and management purposes, and for monitoring the relative entry and exit flows.


In the area of Facility Management, Sirus is responsible for the care and maintenance of green areas and building facades, the protection and preservation of driveways and transit areas, and the management of drainage and rainwater. The properly conducted landscaping of a facility not only enhances its health and safety aspects, but also the positive perception of the space by guests, residents and passers-by.


Careful planning, execution and above all a focus on safety are priorities in all our services. The members of the Sirus team have acquired practical and theoretical skills for offering work-at-height services through the attainment of the IRATA certificate. They are therefore professionals who apply industrial rope access techniques in abseiling and rappelling in complete safety and efficiency. We strive to carry out our assigned tasks in a timely manner: our only enemy is the weather.

The benefits of Facility Management


Outsourcing integrated Facility Management services proves to be the winning strategy to maintain high quality standards in buildings, meet the actual needs of occupants and optimize costs. The benefits provided by Facility Management are of three types: they are strategic because they allow the optimal planning and definition of the operations and the relative budgets; analytical because they are always problem-solving oriented; and operational because each process is implemented in a practical and systematic way for greater efficiency. Facility Management also ensures:

  • Perfect balance between the needs of the environments and the resources to be invested
  • Effective management of the properties’ multiple requirements
  • Process optimization
  • Prevention of problems and reduction of downtime
  • Optimal organization of all services
  • Important benefits for the company image
  • Increased comfort and safety for all the occupants of the building