Via Mario Idiomi, 10 - 20057, Assago (MI)


A complete flow control service

We handle the organization, management and strategy of material flows and the related information, also offering a service for the management of the relative data exchange processes.

Starting with the design of the warehouse layout, we take over its management and internal handling operations, also with lifting equipment, while ensuring the correct management of the storage facilities and incoming and outgoing goods. Our expertise enables the planning and implementation of the control of all kinds of goods flows and the management of the related information, following a strongly time and cost-oriented approach. In addition to the traditional tasks of porterage, inventory planning and picking and packing procedures, our logistics service also includes customer service, demand forecasting, inventory management, order processing, procurement, transport, warehousing and storage activities, all monitored with the help of dedicated software. The staff assigned to the logistics service are specialized and competent, and always oriented towards maximum flexibility to ensure the total fulfillment of every need.